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ABC(Association of Bridal Consultants) is biggest and most valuable Association over the world. The Association is for bridal professionals, bridal market and brides & grooms. Association has almost 5,500 members in 32 countries. Our individual members are separated into Professonal levels and Assistant level. The Professional Members are from business of Wedding Planning and business of Related Fields such as Wedding Gown, Flower, Photo, Video, Make-Up, Paper Items etc… The Assistant Members are for begginer or for less than enough business experiences. ABC Members are also by Corporate entities from Hotels, Wedding Sites, Educational Institution, Website, Magazines and Suppliers.

Head Office of ABC is located in Connecticut, United States. ABC is Leading Organization especially in U.S. bridal market. Main roles of ABC are to 1. issue the Certificate to proof member’s professionalism or experiences and to 2. educate members for improvement and more successful.The ABC has more than a half of century history including the activities from previous entity of “Professional Bridal Association” established on 1955.

Kohara is responsible for all members in following Asian Countries. South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippine, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kingdom of Cambodia, Union of Myanmar, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand

There are now almost 600 members in Japan. South Korea is responsible by Mrs. Ahn Kyung-Ja, Hong Kong is responsible by Mrs. Kate Magg Chau. ABC issues local members of the Certificate and Licensed Pin to proof their professionalism or experiences and provide available information.

Kevin Yoshi Koara/Director of Asia & Pacific, President of Sophia Trading Co., Ltd. Kohara started trading business on 1992 after experiences of Foreign Currency Exchange and Money Dealing business at Credit Suisse Bank and Fuji Bank in Japan, Current business: 1. Import and wholesale business of Wedding Gowns in Japan. 2. Consultation for hotels or wedding sites. Training Wedding Planners. 3. Represent Association activities in Japan since 2002 and for Asian members since 2007.

For who have an interest to be certified member of ABC: Korean/Contact Mrs. Ahn Kyung-Ja as following. Hong Kong/Contact Mrs. Kate Magg Chau as following. Other Asian/Contact Kohara at


We designate members’ professionalism or experiences as following certified titles:

1.Assistant Bridal Planner(ABP)
Issued to the members who have less than 2 years experience of business of wedding consulting or wedding planning. *Required to learn text book “American Wedding & Business”. *It is additionally required to pass the Qualified Examination in Japan, Korea and Hong Kong and other countries appliers are required only to learn text book.

2.Professional Bridal Consultant(PBC)
Issued to Bridal Consultant who works for consulting or planning business for the couples or for the markets. *Required to learn text book “American Wedding & Business” and evaluated by “Business & Marketing Reports”. *All appliers must have more than 2 years experiences in wedding planning business.

3.Professional Wedding Vendor(PWV)
Issued to Vendors Who works for related products or services such as Wedding Gown, Photo, Flower, Video, Beauty, Media, Catering etc…. *Required to learn text book “American Wedding & Business” and evaluated by “Business & Marketing Reports”. *All appliers must have more than 3 years experiences in wedding related business fields.

4.Accredited or Master Degrees
Required to be continued professional certified member status for more than 3 years. Details of conditions to be Accredited or Master designation is contacted at Yoshi Kohara.

Assistant/Professional Wedding Flower Designer Degrees are currently approved only in Japan.

Corporate Membership:
Corporate companies can be involved with ABC as Corporate member and schooling members are announced as ABC Recognized School.

1.Corporate Member
Membership for business entities such as Hotels, Wedding Sites, Medias, Websites and the Suppliers etc..

2.Schooling Member
Membership for schooling institutions who provide ABC recognized educational program of American Wedding & Business or educational program of American Wedding Flower Arrangements. promotionAssociation Activities and Member’s Benefits:
1.Providing American Wedding Information
1) Dialogue News Paper(issued from ABC Head Office every 2month) can be downloaded at member’s website.
2) Issued News Letter from ABC Japan Office, regarding American Wedding New Trends and Information.
2.Issued Certificate and Licensed Pin.

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ahnCountry Coordinator of Republic of Korea(South Korea)
Mrs. Ahn Kyung-Ja / President of Art Bridal
Art Bridal, 442-5 Pyungchang-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: 02-3217-5518 Fax:02-3217-1212
E mail: